Historical Look at Prescott Home Sales

Dated: May 18 2021

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Just a few days ago I had a conversation that started me thinking.

Uh oh, that means people are going to get statistics and graphics. Sorry for those who find statistics boring, but yes I geeked out on Real Estate numbers. 

My conversation made me wonder how my gut instincts compared to actual data regarding how the Prescott AZ springtime real estate market has performed year over year.

I decided to take a four week timeframe in the middle of our typical springtime market cycle and compare the inventory levels and average sold dollar amounts. I chose April 15th to May 15th. Here is what I learned.

What does all that mean to us today?

Well, inventory levels have consistently dropped while demand remains strong. Even stronger in the past year than in prior years. Recent year over year average sales prices appear to grow by leaps and bounds. However, if you average the increase over the past 10 years then Prescott's annual average increase is approximately 4%. 

When you are ready to know how your neighborhood sales compare to these numbers give me a call, text or email. I'll geek out on your specific house and show you what your neighborhood performance looks like.

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Jodi King was born and raised in Prescott AZ. As a hometown local she looks forward to showing off her favorite town to those who are new to the area. Our area offers plenty of outdoor recreation on t....

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